Wonderful Animated Tattoos by Russian Artist

Want to learn to draw psychedelic animal portraits which can be inked to your skin as permanent tattoos? For sure you can take a step-by-step tutorial on the Copic website. In the website this Russian artist named Lesha Lauz will lead you to learn how to draw wonderful colorful animals for your tattoos using the brand’s famous markers.


Lesha Lauz, aka Alexey, tries to fit our digital age with his colorful tattoos. He mixes animated sort of animals and obscure parts of portraits with pixels. Even though he doesn’t use any computer program to help him draw his animals, Lauz seems so clever to make a glitch as to be able to produce an unexpected visual effect.


That visual effect is surely to give an impression of a computer’s work only that makes it possible all because Lauz has a fabulous feeling of design and is careful to not blend an excessive amount of pixelation with his subject so that the figure is still recognizable.


The lasting body craftsmanship is reminiscent of when a picture doesn’t stack accurately, and it’s something we’re most likely very acquainted with. Here, Lauz’s craftsmanship is a fun loving and regularly delightful gesture to this baffling glitch.

Source: My Modern Met, Lesha Lauzfacebook