Wonderful Illustrations of People, Animals, and Objects Together

Redmer Hoekstra is a Netherlands-based illustrator and visual artist behind these mind-blowing illustrations that mixes together people, animals, and everyday objects in ingenious ways.


Hoekstra can draw a hand with people as fingers, a sea turtle whose shell is a ship an owl with book wings and other bizarre combinations only with his meticulous pencil work. His detailed illustrations are truly a fascinating study of contrasts and strange connections between living creatures and inanimate objects, biology and mechanics, organic and man-made elements.


If you take his drawings to be playful, humorous or even disturbing, maybe you will agree that Hoekstra belongs to a very creative kind of artist. In his illustration of a whale emerging from a submarine that doubles as a banana, Hoekstra can even blend those three different forms together.


Hoekstra’s illustrations want to showcase his philosophy on how the world works.