Wonderful Watery Photorealistic Portraits by Eric Zener

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Wonderful Watery Photorealistic Portraits by Eric Zener

Eric Zener is an American Photorealist who has been painting for more than twenty-five years. His paintings are well-known for watery element. He always includes water in all of his paintings. Check out his work depicting watery element.

He believes that water has been the most important source of our very life. Not only that, water can work as a spiritual as well as physical renewal like cleansing our soul or as an amusement to make our day like playing and having fun with water as what people did when they were young.

Zener was born in Astoria, Oregon in 1966. He is really interested in human relationship with nature as it has some kind like having three faces which are interchangeable at any time. You can feel so much joy but it’s equally transformative into a state of fear and a state of danger at the same time.

He seems to enjoy exploring the relationship with nature that he includes water as an element in his paintings. But actually he also includes people’s journey and land as interesting places as well.

In another quite popular collection like the Businessman, Zener wants to show that most of us will feel a pressure in our very lives that we have to hang on in order to survive otherwise we can fall down. And when asked whether the subject in his piece will fall or can still hang on, he said, “The only way not to fall is to keep on moving…”

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