Wooden Sculptures Express Vulnerability

Paul Kaptein is an Australian-based wooden sculptor who explores the notion of “now” as depicted in his wooden sculptures. Even though each piece is beautifully crafted, they still show something rather strange about it.


Actually, his work is representation of the contemporary and also the vagueness that goes with it. It all can be seen from the notches and the rectangular holes which are cut into the figures and show that there’s hollowness to his subjects.


Kaptein has written that it facilitates a renegotiation of perceptual truths which result in an expression of things not quite fiction yet not quite truth. Yet by re-examining what “now” means,” The present is in-flux, and we can’t predict what’s probably waiting for us up ahead (although we can try to prepare ourselves).


For Kaptein, it looks like it offers endless possibilities even if this makes the future seem rather unwelcoming.


Source: My Modern Met, Paul Kaptein, Website