World’s Most Colorful Art Gallery Is In Prague

If you got bored with most galleries you found in most places, you may come to visit this colorful and joyful gallery. Established in Prague in April 2016 by an art label “Life is Porno”, this gallery is named Forbidden Spot.

colorful-gallery-01Image by Lukas Biba

It features “signatures”, tags, throw-ups, splashes, pieces, and painting from dozens of artist collaborating with the label. Ran entirely by artists, this gallery is really quenching your thirst of a fun and energetic gallery. This place also opens space for street artists and graffiti writers or painters. This might be the most colorful gallery in the world.

Source : Boredpanda, Facebook.

colorful-gallery-02Image by Petr Hricko

colorful-gallery-03Image by Michal Kubala

colorful-gallery-04Image by Honza Burkert

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