Would You Like Breadcat Anyone?

Rato Kim is my name. I’m a Toy artist from Soul, South Korea. My specialty is to make cat-themed toy. And my newest creation is a Breadcat toy.


I designed this Breadcat toy for people like me, people who love to have cat but don’t actually have one. I myself don’t have a cat because I’m not ready. I would love to get one in two years, though.


The difficulty about designing the Breadcat was that I had to decide which facial expression that my Breadcat would have since cats have various expressions. Then I decided on the image of cats sitting with their paws hidden. I thought people would agree with me that this is the cutest pose that cats can have. I think when cats do this they will look very adorable and match with the enticingly warm loaves of bread.


One day, I want to write a story book about Breadcats. It’s a book about how cats always have various ways to charm people.

Source: Bored Panda, Rato Kim, Instagram





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