Wrinkles of the City Reflect City Changes  

JR is French artist who never stops creating new piece of art. His latest installation is in Istanbul which comes in series of Wrinkles of the City. Its goal is to make the elderly’s personal stories to confront the city walls and for the people living in the city to confront their wrinkles and the stories of their elderly.


After RJ’s on-going project on the streets of cities like Havana, Shanghai and LA, he left his mark on the ancient Turkish metropolis by installing huge portraits of elderly on the roofs and walls of 15 buildings. His installations can be found on numerous the streets throughout Istanbul. The purpose is for the residents to reflect the changes of its architecture through the decades of upheaval and development.


RJ’s project of Wrinkles of the city denotes the 20th century era by exploring the lives of the elderly who witnessed their cities got wounded by the ups and downs of its economy, society, culture and politics.

Source: My Modern Met, Instagram, RJ



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