These Naughty Sketches Will Remind You That 'Adult' Love Is Anything But A Piece Of Cake!

These Naughty Sketches Will Remind You That 'Adult' Love Is Anything But A Piece Of Cake!

Yehuda DeVir illustrates the crazy side of his partner in the most hilarious and sweet ways, and it's simply amazing! Scroll through to see what we mean!

It's true that one cannot know their partners completely unless they start staying with them. Yehuda DeVir talks about a similar experience through his hilarious illustrations. Although he loves his partner more than the world he doesn't hesitate to show the wild and scary side of her that most guys would definitely relate to. From her crazy reactions to getting a zit to unleashing her monster-like self on her period, you have to deal with a lot and Yehuda understands that pretty well. For all the guys who are yet to explore, here's a sneak peek into what your life could be like if you ever decided to stay with you're loved one. However, if you love her truly each moment of madness spent with her will be worth it!

1. Look at that!


They are huge!

2. Honey, I have nothing to wear!


This is the thing you should dread the most!

3. Light as a feather


When she insists on doing the work

4. It's everywhere


Start collecting right away!

5. Make way for her


This is her spot!

6. A work begun is half done


And there's goes your working hours!

7. Comfortable, honey?


Not the kind of massage that you were hoping for, eh?

8. Food made with love


That's her secret ingredient!

9. Maybe not


How do you say no?

10. The vibe killer!


When they watch your favorite series without you it's a pain you just can't take!

11. I'm back!


The scariest side of her.

12. Every time she goes for a haircut


Same old story.

13. Let me help you out!


To much stuff for one day!

14. When she buys you a present


It's not going to be with you for much longer!

15. Get ready to explain everything!


And here it begins.

16. Not the kinda wet you'd wanna be


Don't you just love her now?

17. After one too many drinks


And she keeps ignoring her limit!

18. Winter is here


Say goodbye to all your old habits!

19. Tell me I'm beautiful!


It's a trap!

20. The salt lover


God help you if you try to stop her.

21. Birthday treats!


I'm sorry, but I started without you!

22. I'm done


Double the work!

23. Spring cleaning


Where do I sit?

24. You've unleashed the happy beast!


Good luck!

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