Young Autistic Professional Abstract Expresionist Painter

As an autistic teen, Niam Jain doesn’t speak much. But ever since the 13-year-old picked up a paintbrush last summer, he’s found a way to express himself, and the art world is listening.
“I think he’s replaced speech,” says his mother, Nina Jain. “He can express it any way he wants.”

Niam, who lives in Toronto, has autism spectrum disorder, a social communication disorder. Diagnosed at age two, he has minimal speech and comprehension and uses technology to communicate. Niam is in special education class and loves school. He’s technique its common like splatter, scraper, dripping and mixing color on palette using knife or brush.

Now Niam’s arts is in high demand. An accidental artist, or through divine intervention, Niam has become independent, is learning life skills such as banking, is happy and has a bustling career. Niam paints his emotions and feelings in layers on the canvas allowing the viewer to have a conversation with him. The world is his canvas and anything is possible.

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