Your Cat is Your Tattoo

When you and your cat are two inseparable things but unexpectedly you have to make a long trip while pets are not allowed to come along. You’d better not be upset. Maybe there is a way to ease your sorrow for leaving your cat at home for some time. Just come visit Sol Tattoo studio to get your cat’s photo inked to your skin. So as you sleep, just put your arms with tattoos of your beloved feline close to your head, you’d feel as if your cat were sleeping near you.


In Sol Tattoo, they offer you very delicate tattoos with an incredible amount of detail regarding the size. The studio can create fantastic, realistic looking portraits of cats through refined shading, dots and lines. And to give a more personal touch, the studio also adds some gorgeous attire to the felines with their best poses.


Sol Tattoo studio is located in Seoul, South Korea where tattooing is still considered an illegal business. But amazingly enough, it is said that in South Korea there are more than a million people with tattoos. And according to The Wall Street Journal, there are thousands of underground tattoo parlors actively operating in Soul. Since more and more celebrities and sports stars have tattoos, the country is now considering legalizing the business.


If you check out the Sol Tattoo’s Instagram, the studio draws more than just cats, they have collections of a variety of tattoos.

Source: My Modern Met, Sol Tattoo, Instagram