Russian Blogger Hilariously Recreates Popular Celeb Looks, And They Are Plain AWKWARD!

Russian Blogger Hilariously Recreates Popular Celeb Looks, And They Are Plain AWKWARD!

Blogger Yuriy Isterika ridicules celebs on his page, and his creations are anything but ordinary.

Celebrities all around the world love experimenting with their looks. While some of them straight out surprise us, others miss the mark by a mile. Yuriy Isterika is a Russian blogger who just couldn't let the latter get away with these fashion blunders. He recreated their pictures by posing in the same way and adding a touch of exaggeration. Although Yuriy's wholesome parodies were initially focused on the Russian artists he slowly started including some of our favorite stars. You should definitely go through his Instagram account for more...

1. Angelina Jolie


Fancy those arms?

2. Cardi B


This indeed is a weird outfit!

3. The presidential family


How can a celebrity parody be complete without Trump?

4. Conor McGregor


That's not how it's done!

5. Svetlana Loboda


That's one way to ridicule her insanely huge lips.

6. Angels and Demons


At least they got Kim right!

7. Charlize Theron


Is the vintage filter enough?

8. Mia Wasikowska


Is that Jane 'chair'?

9. Glukoza


Some foil ought to do the trick.

10. Emily Ratajkowski


Those pancakes don't do her any justice.

11. Sayonara Boy


His representation is creepier than the original itself.

12. Queen Elizabeth II


There's that one creepy guy who poses funny.

13. Olga Buzova


His dreams of getting married are now over.

14. Rihanna


You have to give him some points for creativity.

15. Madonna


The undefeated queen of music.

16. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper


This is really hilarious! ROFL!

17. Elizabeth Moss


Her character deserves way more than a burrito bread.

18. Lyubov Uspenskaya


Damn! This guy's good.

19. Elena Lenina


At least he got the hair right.

20. Nastasya Sambursky


Wires are in.

21. Kristina Orbakaite


Who said fashion can't be delicious?

22. Polina Gagarina


Have a beach day anywhere you want!

23. Annie Lorrach


All that lettuce is making us nauseous!

24. Elena Knyazeva


Those shades are the highlight of his look.

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