Yliade - A French Illustrator Of Beautiful Ancient Egyptian Gods And Goddesses

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Yliade - A French Illustrator Of Beautiful Ancient Egyptian Gods And Goddesses

God And Goddess

Yliade is a French freelance illustrator who has been creating art from a very young age. This year she challenged herself to create a series of ancient Egyptian gods in her own style.The artist says she really enjoys working on the designs of each god and tries to respect their attributes and symbolism. From Anubis to Ra – Yliade’s illustrations are simply stunning.

She said that Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, procreation and eternal youth, one of the great Olympian divinities (Her Roman equivalent is Venus)Two different stories explain the birth of Aphrodite. The first is simple: she was the child of Zeus and Dione.

According to the second story, however, Aphrodite rose from the foam of the sea. According to the cosmogonic views of the nature of Aphrodite, she was the personification of the generative powers of nature, and the mother of all living beings. But according to the popular belief of the Greeks and their poetical descriptions, she was the goddess of love, who excited this passion in the hearts of gods and men, and by this power ruled over all the living creation.

Ancient mythology furnishes numerous instances in which Aphrodite punished those who neglected her worship or despised her power, as well as others in which she favoured and protected those who did homage to her and recognized her sway. Love and beauty are ideas essentially connected, and Aphrodite was therefore also the goddess of beauty and gracefulness. In these points she surpassed all other goddesses. She had further the power of granting beauty and invincible charms to others.The character, as well as the work itself, turned out to be one of the most atypical for my work, at first I even thought of giving up this venture, but she was too often reqested.

Check them out below!

More info and source :  deviantart.com  | boredpamda.com I Yliade I Here

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