Basquiat’s Lot Stock : The Most Ever Paid for an American Artwork

Jean-Michel Basquiat (French: [ʒɑ̃ miʃɛl baskija]; December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988) was an American artist. Basquiat first achieved fame as part of SAMO, an informal graffiti duo who wrote enigmatic epigrams in the cultural hotbed of the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the late 1970s where the hip hop, post-punk, and street art movements had coalesced. By the 1980s, he was exhibiting his neo-expressionist paintings in galleries and museums internationally. The Whitney Museum of American Art held a retrospective of his art in 1992. Continue reading

Quotes and Daily Typography

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing (leading), and letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning). The term typography is also applied to the style, arrangement, and appearance of the letters, numbers, symbols created by the process and quote. Continue reading

Elements of Art in Abstract Photographic Artwork

The elements of art are sort of like atoms in that both serve as “building blocks” for creating something. You know that atoms combine and form other things, right? Sometimes they’ll casually make a simple molecule, as when hydrogen and oxygen form water (H2O). If hydrogen and oxygen take a more aggressive career path and bring carbon along as a co-worker, together they might form something more complex, like a molecule of sucrose (C12H22O11). Continue reading

Beautiful Natural Smoothie

If you’re not on Instagram, you’d be forgiven for not knowing of the latest trend that’s taken the health food community by storm. Meet the smoothie in a bowl – the hot new way of getting your five a day. At first glance, it looks like smoothie fans have just opted for a change of receptacle, ditching the conventional smoothie bottle for a bowl. But fans claim they are subtly different. Continue reading

Cutting and Illustration Involved on Paper

English paper artist Meloney Celliers adds a new dimension to her whimsical illustrations by combining simple black lines with vibrant paper quilling. The art of paper quilling involves rolling and shaping strips of paper that are then glued together to create decorative 3D designs. Celliers’ brightly colored paper is twisted, swirled, and curled into floral shapes, which are then glued into position to complete each piece. Continue reading

Collages in Young Artist Today

The domain in which Dada came nearest to fulfilling its promises is undoubtedly the “collage” (which we take in the widest sense of a conglomeration of different materials). The dadaists found their ideal means of expression in the collage, and explored all of its possibilities. Historically, the invention of the collage preceded the beginning of Dada by several years. Continue reading

Atreyu Moniaga’s Art Deco and Comic

His childhood surounding with manga comic like Saint Seiya, Sailormoon, Akira etc, it’s much more easier and faster when artist make an artwork base from old memory about childhood, because it’s deeply and present in mind. Atreyu Moniaga artworks playing with decorative (art deco) and classic european taste in colors and composition, dandy, unique, calm and mysterious. Continue reading