Andrius Seselskas – Member of the Lithuanian Artist’s Union

The artist was born and grew up in Kretinga town, in his hometown graduated the School of Arts, later studied and graduated Šiauliai University, where he acquired a specialty of art and design, and currently living in Kelme with his family. He is an active member of society, organizes holidays, and is the author of various initiatives. The first artist’s exhibition was dedicated to Kelme. Continue reading

Comical Dark Fantasy Based of Classic Tales

Generally, fantasy art is an art work by imagination of great writers, ancient myths, movie makers and artists. But you can also create these fantasy creatures just by using your wide imagination and putting your self in to the world of fantasy. Have you ever wondered why dogs bark with an unusual sound that gives a very uneasy feeling during the night? Or taught of creepy creatures hiding in the dark? We often heard about them from ghost stories and feared their appearance in televisions. Continue reading

Bird Specialist Watercolor Illustrator Karolina Kijak

Two things the most interesting with bird first, mostly they can flying, Most birds can fly, which distinguishes them from almost all other vertebrate classes. Flight is the primary means of locomotion for most bird species and is used for searching for food and for escaping from predators. Birds have various adaptations for flight, including a lightweight skeleton, two large flight muscles, the pectoralis (which accounts for 15% of the total mass of the bird) and the supracoracoideus, as well as a modified forelimb (wing) that serves as an aerofoil. Continue reading

Photomicrograph, Captured Great Underworld Visualization

Microscopy refers to the art of creating photographs using a microscope. The microscope creates an image called a micrograph. It produces an artistic rendering of the subject. Producing artistic images with the help of a microscope has long been practised, particularly in the 70s. Nowadays, the microscope is more than just a device used for scientific and medical reasons; it has become a new avenue for expressing artistic impressions across a variety of platforms. Continue reading

Giving Art Work is The Best Way For Branding

Today In digital era, fine art and business model it’s rapid changes to be a global and massive business. Everybody realy miss with art in human touch or made by craft artist, but in business we need speed and massive product, so in Brighton UK is one of uniqueness in craft handy sculpture.
They making great promo and branding business with spreading handy sculpture all over the city and those object wait for theirs new owners. Continue reading

Had Focus and Persistent, You can Achieve Anything

The price of scrap metal trades just like a stock market does in the United States. This means the spot price that you might receive for your scrap metals today could be very different tomorrow. American scrap metal prices are also governed by regional and local demand, so the prices in New York can be very different than the prices in California. Yet all locations have one thing in common: you can sell scrap metal to make money. The price of scrap metal per pound in the United States is at one of its highest levels of trading in history right now. Continue reading

Cat Mini Sculpture

Keeping pets is a habit that goes way back into our hunter-gatherer past, and has played an important part in our evolution. Some people are into pets, however, In recent times, much attention has been devoted to the notion that keeping a dog or possibly a cat, can benefit the owner’s health in multiple ways – reducing the risk of heart disease, combating loneliness, and alleviating depression and the symptoms of depression and dementia. Continue reading

One Eye Celebs Potraits, Provoking in Contrast Color Scheme

Missing eyes. Meet Kamile Lukrecija Lukošiūte, a young artist, who goes by the alias, KLL. These street art, fashion illustration cross-bred hybrid works of art, are sure to make you wonder what’s going on in her head, and maybe even in your own? Vibrant colors, seductive subjects, and a hell of a lot of freedo, shes so young, self-taught artist and breakthrough promising. Continue reading