Fresh and Raw Idea into Great Magnificent Illustrations

There is an art project melting raw idea from genuine kid into great illustration. For internet community who’s prefer for character figure entity, will no doubt be familiar with the incredible artwork of Thomas Romain. He’s a French anime artist living in Tokyo who’s worked on various popular series including Space Dandy, Basquash!, and Aria, but his best ideas are the ones that come from his sons

Anime Figure of Common Fast Food and Cafe

The digital artist from Philippines who goes by the name Ozumii Wizard has re-imagined different fast food mascots and turned them into awesome anime characters. From the mascots of KFC to McDonald’s to Starbucks – she’s drawn it all!

Disney Character in Anime Style

Maryam Safdar one of rare women Pakistani and choose to be an illustrator, her work it’s stand out and expressive. One of best her project in on line media is Disney Character transformed to be Anime Character Style. Maryam succeed make these several object to be much more cute, naive and so manga figures

Spirited Away’s Bath House in Mesmerizing Sculptural Models

If you are spent yours youth’s time at nineteen, Spirited Away must be your’s best anime movie. The Japanese artist Sorakio, a big fan of the universe of Chihiro, Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, he had fun recreating the famous bath house of the cult movie Spirited Away in an impressive totally detailed model! An amazing work created using hundreds of pieces from other models, but also pieces of plastic or wood. A great craft skill in high end performance!