Alignment Picasso’s Self-Potraits Picture with His Transformation Art Taste

While many people recognize him only for his avant-garde, topsy-turvy paintings, his earlier work—like his self-portraits from 1896 and 1900—exhibit his ability to paint and sketch beautiful true-to-life depictions. Though a gifted draughtsman, Picasso did not dabble in this style for very long. In 1901, he entered his Blue Period—a phase in which he painted somber, stylized scenes in cool blue tones, as evident in his striking self-portrait from the same year

Gabriel Schama and ‘Ellsie” with Cutting Laser

By layering pieces of laser-cut mahogany plywood, Schama’s works are able to achieve a 3D effect, offering a patterned sense of depth. His silhouetted faces swirl with natural objects, such as sun rays and leaf motifs, but it is the architectural mastery of his geometric mandalas and layered portraits that create the bulk of Schama’s new collection

Woman in Simbolism in Stella Im Hultberg’s Art Work

One of stand out Korean artist is Stella Im Hultberg, “Most of them are made up in my mind, as I don’t have any models. I must see faces of real people (models or real life) and mix them up in my head to my liking. Sometimes, I do see faces I absolutely fall in love with, and I’d try to use that as a reference too

Game of Thrones’s Microsculpture

I think the most elaborate piece from the Game of Thrones exhibition, it was the Iron Throne. It took me three tries and three weeks to create the final piece. The Titan of Braavos sculpture was also a tough one as there were a lot of fragile and intricate details in that piece

Injection Purpose to The Next Level

Injection tools for medical purpose absolutely common, but if we want to make this tools to be another purpose thats a positive ways to creative learning, in veri-art we will show two of purpose how injection for medical tools being another purpose.

Dragon of Estonian

The oldest chainsaw artist records go back to the 1950s, which include artists Ray Murphy and Ken Kaiser. In 1952 Ray Murphy used his father’s chainsaw to carve his name into a piece of wood. In 1961 Ken Kaiser created 50 carvings for the Trees of Mystery.

Jim Carrey in Expressive Lines

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability in reading. Kids with dyslexia have trouble reading accurately and fluently. They may also have trouble with reading comprehension, spelling and writing.

Making an Add Great Value of Metal Scrap

Georgie Poulariani a Self-Taught Sculptor from Spain, creates amazing art using scrap metal. After he discovered his talent to see shapes and forms he began creating different types or art with scrap metal. He left his Job and currently works as a full-time sculptor

Land Art : The Subtance of Temporary

“I love the idea of temporary art because all things in life are temporary. I grew up on the beach where I lived during the summer. I have always been drawing on the beach using materials I found at the there. 6 years ago I started using a rake. This way I could make the drawings much bigger. Because they became so big I wanted to see the result from above

Visualization of Music from Synesthesian

In auditory-tactile synaesthesia, certain sounds can induce sensations in parts of the body. For example, someone with auditory-tactile synesthesia may experience that hearing a specific word feels like touch in one specific part of the body or may experience that certain sounds can create a sensation in the skin without being touched.