World’s Most Majestic Libraries

Due the influx use of e-book and the audio book around the world, conventional libraries are beginning to lose ground and interest as well to those of modern electronic stuffs. But their existence is still very much in demand for those who seek ample of knowledge that can’t be found any where else.

Dublin’s 300-Year-Old Library Chamber

Do you love reading books? Do you belong to the old-school type who loves to spend long hours reading your favorite book collections in a library? If you do, maybe you should pay a visit to one of the oldest libraries in the world which is located in Dublin. It’s the Trinity College library with […]

Dream Library for Book Lovers

For those who love reading will most likely find this secluded library retreat the most perfect place for them to read books. This library is really located in a very remote area deep in the woods of New York State. Check out how extremely cozy it is from its look.