Satirical Cartoons Showing Shocking Reality

Hi everyone. We are two Romanian cartoonists who would like to share our satirical view about our modern world for over 30 years. Actually, our cartoons represent our views on relevant topics, such as immorality, people sins, shallowness, war or politics.

How Cartoonists Feel About Trump

Just recently Bored Panda has made some compilation of Donald Trump’s Cartoons done by creative cartoonists around the globe. They are not meant as mockery but rather they might work as reminders or something relating with us with which you can either maybe laugh or also cry a little too.

Disney Princesses Can be of Different Ethnicities

What do you think if your favorite Disney princess is of another race or ethnicity? The Tumblr blog of Let There Be Doodles can answer your question with incredible series Racebent Disney. Actually it is the job of a 23-year-old artist named Tomato Tiger. He uses his illustration to mix with photo manipulation, to entirely recreate the iconic […]