Promising Illustrator Cibi Cia

Accuracy and measurement came from repetition, no doubt that’s mother of skill. Acing aka Cibi Cia one of amateur promising artist from Jakarta make illustration for release her passion and produce some craft.

Sad Doodles That Break Your Heart

As the old saying goes, “There is always a silver lining behind the dark clouds” may certainly work just fine for Ben Cameron. Ben used to hate his old job that much which he hated every second he was there doing what he was supposed to be doing. But things turned out to the better […]

Kids’ Monster Doodles into Their New Look

The Monster Project is a mesmerizing idea where some professional artists are adding their own unique touches to children doodles of monsters by kids at elementary school. Now, you will be viewing more of their amazing collaborations, and as you can see below, the results are quite spectacular.

Everyday Objects Into Playful Doodles

Vincent Bal is a Belgian filmmaker who happens to find doodling very entertaining and quite a compelling activity to kill time while waiting between his filming job. And now maybe he has created more fanciful doodles than feature films along his movie making career. So, it’s not too much to call him a doodle artist rather […]

He Turned His 6-Year-Old Son’s Doodles Into Real-Life Objects

Almost every child in the world would do some doodling as soon as they are introduced to writing tools. But no father would love to keep his children’s doodling as valuable treasures except this special father. Tom Curtis tries to put his 6-year-old son to take shape in real life creations. Just check them out.

I Turned Tiny Things into Arts

My name is Desirée De León. About my art work, I have been collecting small trivial things I can find at work or it could be anywhere around home like flower petals, paper clips, nuts, broccoli or anything small and tiny. I love the idea to turn them into some imaginative little new scenes.

Playful Dragon Called Drogo

When you check out a back issue of Bored Panda, you would spot the cartoon pet edition by the twin brothers named Manik and Ratan from Dhaka, Bangladesh. These twins are both cartoonists, animators and graphic artists. They keep posting their doodles almost every day on their Instagram.

When a Cartoon Challenges His Maker

As many people began to like a character in cartoon being smooshed and punched to the corner of a paper page, Alex Solis seems happy to keep the character around. Maybe for those who enjoy this kind of cartoon do not think that punching the character is not meant for hurting him physically. What the character is going through is […]

The Awe-Inspiring Subway Doodles

When you ride the subway in New York City, you could be reminded of Ben Rubin piece of art. He has a very fresh perspective with imaginative series Subway Doodle. He continues the project featuring photos of passengers on train cars in New York with a whimsical twist of large creature doodles blended into the […]