J. Sophia Sanner Art Work’s : Chaos in Harmony

Two years ago I fell in love again with the folding-technique all of us know from the kindergarten. After many exercises and experiments, I developed this technique further until I found a way to generate faces. Now I use it for my art. To reach the level I want I need to fold the pieces many times. The process takes time and energy (it’s actually a good work-out as you can see in the video), but the results are worth it. Here you see only some examples: because of a current exhibition, I’ll show more works later

Kollwitz Hand’s Representation such a Deep Expresion and Meaning

Käthe Kollwitz offers us an excellent example of how a bones structure, muscle flesh with old skin lady representation of oneself can overflow with expression and meaning. Her expression about misery and poor its felt deeply sorrow.  It is believed Kollwitz suffered anxiety during her childhood due to the death of her siblings, including the […]