Little Houses for Solitary Soul

Some small comfortable house or cottage situated in the wilderness is now becoming a luxury for some city people who get fed up with all city lives. Actually, living in a city has its perks, but for city-dwellers, they may dream of escaping the city and let their weary souls re-charge by living away from […]

Amazingly Terrifying Views of the Sea

Beautiful view is not enough, it should be complemented with terrifying surrounding as well to make our home so striking and inviting. That’s why these two Greek architects, Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos have come to create a striking house design named “Casa Brutale”. Here they have embedded their luxury home into a […]

When Architects Say No to Trees Cut Down

Most of us are aware of our present environmental condition which is being depleted and much exploited which according to many studies will only lead to significant environmental impact, like global warming, soil loss, water cycle and a decline in biodiversity. But thanks to a particular spectrum, these architects have determined to use real trees to […]

Unique Paintings Go Beyond the Canvas

Maki Ohkojima is 27-year-old Japanese artist. She specializes in what she calls to be “the mural beyond the frame.” That makes a lot of sense because what she did was to create sprawling paintings that spilled off the canvas and onto the walls around it.