Oddly Satisfying Photos Showing Perfection

Just recently Bored Panda has compiled a list of some satisfying photos showing how people see perfection. Whatever your perception about perfection, you maybe share the same visually satisfying representations as shown here. But there is some possibility too that your understanding of perfection differs greatly from someone else.

Sunglasses On Bunny; An Epic Photoshop Battle

Recently there is this dangerous battle going on in the net. It’s quite a challenge when you have to do some art modification on some given pictures to be done by Photoshop. Check out some pics featuring a bunny wearing fancy sunglasses. What do you think guys, when you see a rabbit in sunglasses?

Photos and Paints Into Beautiful Narratives

Aliza Razell is a 19-year-old artist who is behind these beautiful narratives in her photographs by blending splashes of color with self-portraits to create mystifying and strange images which she herself fails to explain.