Game of Thrones’s Microsculpture

I think the most elaborate piece from the Game of Thrones exhibition, it was the Iron Throne. It took me three tries and three weeks to create the final piece. The Titan of Braavos sculpture was also a tough one as there were a lot of fragile and intricate details in that piece

The Power of Sketchbooks for Describe and Spread Out Seeds of Idea

Sketchbooks is a treasure for every artist, they make hundreds of raw and fresh astonishing idea, and sketchbook like a field for many seeds of idea. So if you’ve got a classic taste , you’ll be enamored by the delightfully detailed classic-artwork of Moscow-based artist Elena Limkina. Every week, she offers the world a glimpse into her personal sketchbook, and its pages tell vivid stories of nature, architecture, and classical paintings

Over Lasting Bouquets from Passion to Making Art Work

Parallel with learning clay art, Olga graduated as a florist and now she was involved in wedding decor business in Russia. Olga create flower arrangements and bouquets from real flowers too. Now She was really happy that she have been found her inner true self.