Architectural Lines and Patterns on Human Form

In it you’ll find a plethora of examples of how architecture can influence body art in ways you wouldn’t imagine. From intricate inkings of buildings and minimalist lines to beautiful geometric designs and panoramas of well-known cityscapes, we will find cold architectural lines and pattern on organic form of human body, deeply harmonic , so how beautiful is it?

Beloved Pets as Cartoon-Inspired Tattoos

If you love your pets to be inked on your skin, this South Korean tattooist named Jiran is the one you are looking for. Like many animal tattoo artists, he often got commissioned to ink his clients with their beloved furry fellows. Check out what his tattoos are like. Quite amazing huh?

Another Beautiful Hongdam’s Tattoo

Even if tattooing remains illegal in Korea, still more and more Korean younger generation fall for this kind of body art even if they are against the law. And there is this special tatts parlor called Hongdam which gains more interests and more clients. Check out its fabulous tattoo designs.

Free Tattoos for Those Willing to Put Their Arms in a Hole

You want a free tattoo everyone? Come to a truck-stop delight in Williams-burg part of Brooklyn. Find Scott Campbell who is working on his project called “Whole Glory” where he made an ultimate test of trust in his work. He offers free tattoos to people as long as he can get to choose the design […]

Gustav Klimt’s Tattoos Can Show Your Artistic Side

If you’re looking for other kinds of tatt ideas other than the usual stuff and decide to have tatts for your next body inking, maybe you can check out these stunning tattoo ideas. They belong to Gustav Klimt tattoos, where many would use for some truly artistic inspiration.

Exquisite Tattoos of Dreamlike Tales

Eva Krbdk is a famous tattoo artist from Turkey with all her small yet charming designs and exquisite scenes etched onto her clients. She made us realize that compelling body art can come in all sizes and shapes. So, instead of opting big and flashy tatts, she would use thin and intricate lines to bring […]

Peacock Tattoo Will Sparkle Your Skin

Would you like to see your skin shimmer with something cool? Do you remember as kids you had quirky but cute childhood pastime as to stick sparkling temporary tattoos. Now, temporary tattoo craze is no longer just for kids. Recently, stylish stores and experimental artists dabble in the ephemeral craft in order to produce elegant […]

Dreamy Animal Tattoos from Storybook  

Are you looking for a tattoo parlor that can bring those marvelous watercolor-esque drawing of animals etched to your skin? If it’s true, there is a place in Warsaw, Poland called Caffeine Tattoo which now is a meeting point of a bunch of gifted tattoo artists who are all set to ink your body with […]

Incredible Hyperrealistic Tattoos With Depth and Definition

Arlo DiCristina is a Colorado-based hyper realistic tattoo artist who produces much of 3D surreal paintings on most of his clients’ skin. His tattoo styles refer to life-like portraits that blend into other shapes. For instance, like those of fancy flourished vegetation, the depth of an ocean or the city scapes which are filled with […]