3 cm x 3 cm Amazing Watercolor Miniature Painting

Hi, there! My name is Julia. I’m 31. I am an artist from Ukraine. I started to make watercolor miniatures about three years ago when I worked at the office all day and didn’t have enough time to create anything bigger. I grew fond of this process of putting an amount of details into so tiny space

Promising Illustrator Cibi Cia

Accuracy and measurement came from repetition, no doubt that’s mother of skill. Acing aka Cibi Cia one of amateur promising artist from Jakarta make illustration for release her passion and produce some craft.

Natural Luminous Watercolor Paintings

Dina Lepchenkova is a Russian watercolor and vector artist who can use light and tonal color to create exquisitely delicate paintings. From uncovered trees in the snow to cafes immersed in sunlight, her glowing paintings take snapshots of her neighborhood which for sure evoke the fleeting and sublime beauty of nature. Check out some of her […]

Dreamy Animal Tattoos from Storybook  

Are you looking for a tattoo parlor that can bring those marvelous watercolor-esque drawing of animals etched to your skin? If it’s true, there is a place in Warsaw, Poland called Caffeine Tattoo which now is a meeting point of a bunch of gifted tattoo artists who are all set to ink your body with […]

Interconnected World Captured in Watercolor Paintings

Kelogsloops is a popular name for Hieu, a brilliant watercolor painter whose capacity in using a swirl of color and texture is beyond question. This Melbourne-based creative can fuse space, some motifs of water and weightlessness, which then combine these dramatic illustrations with the cheerful fluidity of watercolor tint. As those merge together into much […]

Unique Personalities in Watercolor Chinese Zodiac

Hi. My name is Anna Bucciarelli. I am a freelance illustrator. Currently, I live and work in Toronto, Canada. Here, I want to share with you My latest watercolor series depicting 12 animals of the Chinese Lunar calendar. Check them out. Enjoy.  

High School Teacher Creates Beautiful Paintings as She Travels

The water that Hannah Jesus Koh carries with her is not just an ordinary tap water. She’s going to use the water for her watercolor paintings. Because when she paints the beautiful panorama of a new place she is visiting, she will be using the liquid straight from the environment that she wants to portray.