Symbolic Illustration of Destiny Blue

Destiny Blue, whose real name is Alice De Ste Croix, has been posting her work on Deviant Art since 2004. Her illustration talk about women and theirs emotional aspect. Happiness and cheers illustration it’s totally rare in her art works, but unhappy, frightening, gloomy and little bit anxiety spread out in her symbolic visualization

Maya Lin’s Poetic Minimalist Instalation

Above and Below is an installation by American artist Maya Lin, the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. It is on display at and owned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. The artwork was inspired by underground water systems in Indiana.(wikipedia)

Her Art was Revolutionary Sparks but She Burnt Out Too Soon

In Paris Camille will be able to attend art school and possibly have an atelier of her own. Thus, the Claudel family relocates in search of better opportunities for their two most talented offsprings.
Her fascination for clay, stone, and dirt, began when she was a young child, and as she came of age, despite the protestations of her mother, her father supported her to study art. Around 1884, she started working with Auguste Rodin and before long became his lover and confidante. Obviously her family was outraged by the affair. (

Black Women Proud of Their African Heritage

Just recently Afro women can and should be proud of their look since they can make real enchanting beauty that only beautiful people can brag about. It is this Pierre Jean-Louis, a visual artist from US who can create these mesmerizing portraits of black women by transforming their hair into flowery galaxies. Check these out.

Audrey Kawasaki is Back with Stunning New Art

You maybe familiar with Audrey Kawasaki, a now 34-year-old Los Angeles-based painter who achieved her huge success at a very young age. So, most likely you have seen many of her master pieces, the delicate and twisting women that infuse her oeuvre which Kawasaki mostly painted with her hand. That’s why most of her work can […]